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Daily Laughs

Everyone needs a good laugh at least once a day.

Design Fails 1

These designs may have required a bit more thought be put into them before release.

Comedy Wildlife Awards

The Comedy Wildlife Awards are an actual real thing and here are the finalists from this year.

Classy Burns

Some of the best burns ever were from the people you would least expect.

Autocorrect Is The Best

Now that I have me a cell phone, I have sent some pretty screwed up text messages… many times while sober!  My new favorite though is this autocorrect feature that makes for many laughs.  Enjoy!

Animals ROFL

I love to have a good laugh for a multitude of reasons but animals are able to find some amusement in life too it appears!

Animals Hungover

I like to meet up at the auto shop, sit around and have some drinks with the boys, but apparently even animals must have some fun drinking too!