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Over The Back Thong 1

The thong is a beautifully amazing masterpiece of clothing.  The new trend of selfies in them over the back has been a great find.

Fishing 1

Only 2nd to hunting is fishing… and the best kind of fishing is that done with some beautiful scenery to enjoy.

Sideboob 1

A favorite look at the female breast absolutely must be the sideboob.

Myspace 1

Myspace may have been far surpassed by Facebook now, but we can still enjoy the many beautiful profile pics that were shared on there.

Dress Up 1

The weekend is coming, find that tight little dress, get ready for some fun and don’t forget the selfie!

Girls with Guns 1

A nice, powerful weapon can be a beautiful piece of art.  A hot gal with a powerful weapon is something akin to a Picasso!

Girl Group 1

Studies have shown that many gals prefer to travel and hunt in groups.  Other studies have shown men enjoy looking at hot groups of ladies.

Soldier Girls 1

I have the utmost respect for our honorable veterans and appreciate my freedom that is from their sacrifice.  I also respect the absolute beauty of some of our more beautiful soldiers.

Hairbra 1

Not sure what they will charge for this at Victoria’s Secret, but I do enjoy the nice hairbra.

Yoga Pants 1

Here in the woods, we don’t put much effort into keeping with the trends.  Most of my outfits consist of some jeans and shirt with the color scheme of camo.  Not following it is different from enjoying it though and I must say I am enjoying this yoga pants trend that the ladies have adopted!